Friday, August 31, 2012

The family on the steps.
Sierra on the steps.
This is the backside of the temple. It was a VERY LONG TOUR WITH TWO BABIES. It was beautiful and worth it. I thought walking through the temple would be quick but it was very long. We walked the entire time. Two small babies who didn't want to keep touring made it tough. Isn't this building beautiful? Amazing!
Isn't she beautiful! I love you Savannah!

Before the tour they give you slippers to place over your Street shoes. This keeps the carpets spotless before the temple opens.Eli loved them. This is him saying ( CHEESE!).
.....and him saying cheese again.
Hi Blue Eyes.
The two babies happy to be out of the tour and a moment to move around.

The boys

James. Takes pictures just like his Dad when he was little.
Joe and the children getting ready to get on the bus.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

We love going out for bike rides. Here is Eli on his trike/ three wheeler. 
 Jaden riding a big bike for the first time. He never needed training wheels because he started on a bike without peddles. It teaches them balance. So he just hopped on the big bike and rode.
 Here's his bike without peddles. Ready to be passed down to Eli. Best invention ever!

Monday, August 27, 2012

We went to the girls JR. HIGH to change some of Savannah's classes. I asked about the start of school next week and she tells me it's this Thurs. So we lost a week of getting ready for the first day of school. We did it and got the girls to the bus stop which is just across the St. and waited for the  Elementary School bus.

 While waiting for the bus we packed lunches. James picked this funny face from some cartoon he likes.

 The boys were so excited.
 Sydney couldn't wait.
 The usual pics of the backpacks they picked out. Sad to see Power Rangers are popular again. AUGH!

 So I sent Jaden on the bus with the rest of the kids to school. One Mom standing next to me said something about her daughter being in Kindergarten.I asked her why she wasn't on the bus. She tells me they don't  start until next week. So I run to the school to pick him up. It was a Sad Moment when he found out he had to wait a week. The office never told me when I signed him in and they didn't have our new address to send his info. Poor little guy!
 Since he couldn't stay we stopped by to meet Mrs. Lake. Parents had told me they requested her and when I met her I was excited to see how amazing she is.He loved her right away!
 James teacher
 Sydney's teacher
 This cute tree was in front of her class, with her name on it.
 The older girls Jr. high.