Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It looks like we are getting the driveway in tomorrow. I'm excited to have the front steps in.

We go every summer to the Drive in movie in Salt Lake City. We have big plans of staying for the double feature but every year we leave after the first. I always make such a comfy bed, that I'm out in the first 15 min of the movie.We keep the babies in their car seats and then fill the treat buckets up and enjoy the show.

 Our bus is so big we keep the last seat our and use it to haul things. We have so much room we brought a bench from the yard and it worked great.Then with everything out of the back, we had enough room for a giant bed.

 This bucket had fruit snacks, licorice, cheese crackers and Dads amazing popcorn, and then water.

 We watched Brave, not a vampire show. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

 There is a little trick most every baby can do from birth. They have this natural ability to stiffen their legs.When our friend Matt was doing this, with these babies it flooded back memories of Savannah being weeks old and Joe doing this in the mall to scare the ladies. It did! When they get older and a bit more nervous the babies won't stiffen their legs like Luke here.
 We had a bar-b-Q with all these amazing people. I took this picture of all our children together with this sting that it will be one of our last chances to be together for maybe a long while if ever. We have some friends taking their family to Brazil for a couple of years. We have some waiting to see where they will go with job opportunities.It was bitter sweet night.

 Sierra kept putting Luke upside down and he loved it. He loves her so much!

 Do you think this one loves Dad much?Doesn't she look like she is posing a bit in this one.

 My sweet guy!
 This little one has the greatest hair!
 Sydney's tunnel. She built it deep enough you could stand on the middle. You could see through to each tunnel. Great job sweetheart!
This girl is so beautiful!I couldn't resist taking pics of her in the sand. Sweet girl.       

Saturday, July 28, 2012

When we get summer rain the children love to play in it. Good thing Sydney has an umbrella so the rain won't get her we the is a funny girl. Savannah turned the wheel barrow into a mini pool.

Sierra has her feet in warm water.haha

My happy baby! Love the hair!All my children have been in this crib so we will turn it into a bench in the new house. Luke is so happy when you go into the nursery to get him. He's just a happy guy anyway.

It's time for the kids triathlon. They did an amazing job. This year the Coles raced with the Pextons. Good company to be in. Before you start your race you get body marked. It's a badge of honor.
Joe/ Dad announcing the winners of the adult Tri.

 Watching all these children every year is so inspiring.
 Here are some friends who joined us this year.
 The Pexton and Smith family had a great time!

 Sierra has done this body mark pose before every race. I think it's good luck!

 Sierra coming out of the pool and running to the bike portion of the race.
 James is doing his first Tri. He did amazing!I didn't know he was that great of a swimmer. He shocked me.
 Sydney coming out of the water.

 James support team. Dad, Sydney and Sierra!
 The girls cheering James into the transition area.
 This boy is a natural runner. He was lightning.
 James at the finish line. Well done sweetheart!