Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Hostess company went out of business we ran over to the Hostess store to grab the last twinkies ever made. We paid about $2.00 a box and since they go for $20 on ebay we tease the kids that each bite costs $5. When a house of cousins came to visit we treated them with last Twinkie they might ever eat. My sister inlaw Kim told them to eat them slowly.

 Hey Kim got two!

Those sneaky elves.

Elf on the shelf. Sydney took over this job last year and is still going strong. I was a little creeped out by the original elf on the shelf guy so got ones with friendly faces. We also have a boy and a girl.

Thanksgiving day was in our home this year. We had the Pearce family over. We ate, did crafts with the children, hiked, took a train ride and watch ELF to start the Christmas season off right!

 We have a few Turkey hats and Luke loved wearing it.

The decorations going up is made into a small family Christmas party every year. We play music and have treats and finish with a fun Christmas movie.  Joe starts with the Christmas tree lights.                    
Luke wrapped the berries around himself.
We found the trick to stringing popcorn is use buttered microwave popcorn and let it sit in the pantry a few days so the butter is like rubber. The pieces don't break so easily.
Jaden made sure his stocking was just right!
This is James pose in most pictures.
Sierra wrapping the berries.
Savannah deciding where Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch characters go.

Last year we had a wind storm at the beginning of December. Our trampoline flew up in the air and flew two house over. The only reason it came down was because it got caught in the cable line and crashed down in our neighbors yard. We made ornaments out of the springs.

Jaden decorating the tree.
Eli loved the train that went with the Rudolph characters.
Our ornaments through the years.
 From cutting it down to the children's final touches. I always love the modge podge tree we end up with. The favorite memory of all the children is laying under the tree watching the lights. I remember doing that when I was a little girl.

Monday, November 26, 2012

This Thanksgiving we had the Pearce family in our home for the day.