Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Luke loves to cuddle and Sierra loved him falling asleep on her chest. She's has such a cute way with babies. They love her.

James got a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. He loves target practice with Dad.

So our friends the Pextons went to Brazil and we miss them a ton!

This is the towel stolen from the Pexton home. It might not get returned. I mean look at the cute Mickey. Would you return this cute towel? I didn't think so.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's all boy around here most of the school days.

Jaden helping Eli with the computer.

Daddy checking things out.

Luke in loft playing

Luke loves Pooh Bear.

Luke loves books. He likes to sit on that bench and look through books.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Luke is our cuddle bug. He loves to be cuddled, kissed and loves for you to hum a song into his ear. This is his cuddle time with Savannah on Saturday.

Saturday morning pancakes everyone made their own. Sydney made hers larger than her head.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I haven't forgotten you. I will post pictures tomorrow when there's more light. I can tell you now what we do. I have a loft and it's the toy room. I have zones/areas for the different things they like first I have a book shelf and before they go to bed my 5 year old puts them all back on the shelf. I don't care if it looks great and if he just throws them in there. They are where the are supposed to be and not on the floor. Then we have a desk for any, art, homework, projects they want to do. It has lots of drawers and they put their things in them. So my 7 year old throws everything in drawers and makes it the desk look clean. Again I don't care if all the drawers are full of junk as long as the desk gets cleared of. Then once a month I just throw out the junk. They have a bench to read on and play video games on. Then I have a place in a corner for all the big toy buildings that don't fit in the toy box. Again I don't care if they look perfect but the kids know where to put them when they clean up. The toy box only has enough toys to close the lid. When it starts to over flow I grab a moving box and fill it with toys and put the box in the basement. It's a great way to rotate toys but not have to go through them. Having fewer toys for them to find what they want and having fewer choices helps them find what they want and they don't have to throw everything out to find what they need. Every few months I bring the box back in and it's like Christmas. then I fill it with toys they're tired of. I have a hutch I keep the T.v. game systems, games and controllers. Again I don't care if this hutch stays perfect as long as all the games and controllers get thrown in the hutch. We close the doors and drawers and it keeps everything right there. This makes for a 5 min clean up. So when I say put all the buildings back or put the books away they know where they go. Does that help? We also keep games up on a shelf in the closet.So only one game comes out at a time. Again I don't care if the game is put back perfect as long as it gets in the box.

My children heading to the bus stop in while the snow falls down.